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Rờ víu Sutrix Solutions

Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh
  • Anonymous  mạo danh  ( :) ú là la )  với tư cách là:
    Mức lương:   -  Đánh giá:

    Dear all,   I am sending you this email to share with you the situation our company is facing now.   2022 has been a tough year with many projects on hold or cancel because of global recession or lost because of poor quality and productivity ( including communication). The poor competitiveness of Vietnam has been also a major factor with high inflation on cost and expenses and high taxes level. It has pushed me to completely reorganize the group in term of business model and production. Not to mention the fact current clients have been paying us with massive delay up to one year. It’s taking long time to get things in order.   All these matters have major impact on company finance and cashflow. I have succeeded to pay 50% of the 13th month so far but won’t be able to pay the remain for this year as I can’t commit for it any further regarding the difficult economic situation we are facing.  We are hoping with hard work from business team we can win important RFP soon as the current project awarded is mostly onsite consultant. As I mentioned many times we will have less and less pure development tasks and more and more for Vietnam team high-level consultant job overseas.   I count on the ones motivated and loyal to support the company. The ones who are not comfortable with this communication better move on and find a better a place to work in their point of view.   You can be sure to get your salary on time as usual, payroll won’t be affected by this situation.   PS: for the one who copy and paste my email to external forum, it doesn’t matter to me anymore.   Regards,