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Rờ víu Transcosmos Technologic Arts

Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh
  • Anonymous  mạo danh  ( Satan )  với tư cách là: Hell
    Mức lương:   -  Đánh giá:

    CEO's reorganization plan is still in progress. His plan is so smart. He established EB team, training team to create delusion for new members. Cutting down staffs benefit but spending money for superficial things, who don't know the history can't aware it. New promoted PMs are brainwashed. Best wish for them. Monthly company meeting is a mentality trap, don't fall to it. If you are a low level staff, should you need to know the company is in profit or not? You only see what they want you to see, remember that. Vice-president's new title mapping plan is a tool to depress your salary. If you remember, in the introduction of this plan in the very beginning of this year, they said the new title is not affect your salary, but their statement is not completed. It's not affecting at the time they said, but affect when you ask for a raise, they just revealed in the explanation meeting a few weeks ago. Again, you only see what they want you to see. The blood is still bleeding, the open wound can't be healed. The new blood is transfused constantly into the body, but it doesn't work. "When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan." - Proverbs 29:2